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United Suppliers for Engineering Materials  is proud to share with you and your engineering team a few pictures of the closed impeller done by us in Titanium. The diameter of this impeller was around 220mm. The pictures are for as printed condition after heat treatment, support removal and shot blasting with post machining pending. 

Either simple open impeller or more sophisticated closed impeller, United Suppliers  can do both and even make any modifications or alternation as per customer request to suit their demand. From Aerospace application down to Oil and Gas. Different application like simple pumping to high temp. aggressive and harsh environments of compressors or blowers.

These impellers can be produced from any generic polymers to high resistance PEEK polymer to suit the application. Also, can be produced in Metal as light as Aluminum alloy to very hard Nickle or Titanium alloys. The only restrictions – for now – is the size but we are glad that up to 650 mm ( 25”) is achievable .  

Post processing including heat treatment and surface finish can be achieved  to be in line with specs. . The surface roughness that we get is generally between Ra 8-13 microns. The tolerance in as printed areas is generally around 300-400 microns. But this may vary depending upon the part bulkiness as shrinkage is directly dependent on that. For bulkier areas the tolerance may be higher than the mentioned values and for the thinner areas it may be lesser. 

For post machining we generally add a machining stock of 1-2 mm. The post machining and balancing can be done at the customer’s end or 3rd parties. We can also do the post machining in-house or by the customer at their end.

Advantages to order your impeller with us :Have your order delivered faster.Cut your cost of Inventory.

1- Cut your purchasing cost.

2- Modifying your rotating machinery efficiency.

3- Modifying your old design impeller.

4- Improve your fluid Mechanism.

Ability to have the closed impeller as one piece.


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